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Vinylmation Disney-Pixar Toy Story

Posted by Ashley Rae on September 17, 2010

I often feel guilty about neglected my blog and neglecting my Vinylmation collection.  Truthfully, I am still very interested in the Park Series and the Muppets Series, but it’s often difficult to convince myself to spend the money to purchase a tray to fulfill my completionist attitude.  Finally, a set has come along that I knew would satisfy both my mother and my collection.

I recently purchased the Disney-Pixar Toy Story set that was designed my Disney Design Group’s Thomas Scott.

In order to continue my past habits, I took note of the Vinylmations’ placements and took individual photos of the items.

I hope you enjoy this long forgotten tradition of mine.


Where I Found My Vinylmations in the Tray


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Posted by Ashley Rae on June 27, 2009

Check out for a look at all the upcoming Vinylmations through the end of the year.

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Vinylmations Park Series #2

Posted by Ashley Rae on June 8, 2009


After a few weeks back in PA, I anxiously awaited my newly purchased Vinylmation Park Series #2 tray.  During my time away, I kept from serching for the new batch online and was successful with keeping the Mystery Chaser a surprises.

It seems as though with each new batch, the creators learn new ways to package the small Mickey Mouse inspirations for better handling and for more surprise.  Each of the trays I purchased, including the Park Series #1 and the Urban Series #1 were different in their own ways.

My first tray I bought at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  The tray was already opened, but no individual boxes were missing.  My friends and I opened the tray randomly so I cannot comment on the arrangement of the Vinylmations.  The matching card was in the box outside of the wrapped vinyl toy.  This gave the new owner a sneak peek at what was inside.

The Urban Series #1 was a new tray purchased at The Art of Disney in Downtown Disney.  The box was unopened and wrapped in plastic. When opening the boxes I began to notice a pattern forming, but did not document it.  The ID cards were now wrapped with the vinyl toys and only the card with the glow-in-the-dark Vinylmation had a small plastic wrapper.

The newest tray was also purchased in Downtown Disney and was securely wrapped.  After learning my lesson with the first two trays, I decided to capture the formation of the Vinylmations (I do not want to claim this arrangement as official).  If you look at my gallery of pictures, I included images of the Vinylmations on top of the individual box they were removed from.  I found it quite interesting that most Vinylmations were next to their mate except of course the Mystery Chaser (which is by itself), the LGM and the Monkeys.

*If you happen to purchase a Vinylmation and remember its location in the box, please let me know if it matches.  I would be very interested to see if this is the same from box to box.*

Overall, I really enjoy this series, including the 9″ Vinylmations.  I have included my guesses at the individual Mickeys.  I am somewhat stumped by the Fish Bowl (Maybe The Living Seas) and the Dalmation (Fire House).  If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know.

I look forward to the next series in the collection which I have seen boards for both the Holiday Series #1 and the Urban Series #2.  The next series should be released in August.  Hopefully this will also include the next Cast Exclusive, an anime Guest Relations Cast Member.

Take a look at my past Vinylmation articles.

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Vinylmation Park Series #2

Posted by Ashley Rae on May 13, 2009

Disney has officially released the new Vinylmation Park Series #2. Should be in stores in June.

The Art of Disney Parks

These might be my favorite yet…

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Vinylmation Revamped

Posted by Ashley Rae on March 29, 2009

Just found an awesome site belonging to an artist named Keith Lapinig. As a self proclaimed “Disney Trivia Guru”, Lapinig demonstrates the possible designs of a 9″ and 3″ blank Vinylmation with great accuracy and detail to its conceptual inspiration.

Toy Storys The Claw

Toy Story's The Claw

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The Art of Vinylmation

Posted by Ashley Rae on March 26, 2009

After a clumsy beginning, it seems as though the Vinylmation series are continuing to be popular throughout the Disney Parks and with the online community.

Vinylmations were first released at the end of 2008. The whimsical characters are original vinyl collectibles that stand 3″ and 9″ tall. The base of the creation is a Mickey Mouse body which gets painted over with various designs.  These products are sold in blind packaging, with no guarantee of which animated figure you will receive. The 3″ Vinylmations are displayed in trays which contain 24 figures. Within the tray is one fully complete set which includes a mystery chaser while the other 12 figures consist of 11 different characters and one repeat.

This new collectible is fun for the frequent visitor with high Disney affinity along with a first time guest. If you plan on getting the full set, it is recommended that you purchase the Vinylmation tray and possibly split it with someone else (or sell the remainder). The randomness of the figures can get costly at $9.95 a piece for the 3” sets.  Be prepared to spend about $238.80 plus tax on a full tray.  The 9″ figures are fully displayed in their case and are around $40 a piece.

Currently, two Vinylmation series are on the market. The first was released in late 2008 and was called the Park  Series #1. This included figures inspired by the Disney Parks, such as Kermit the Frog and the Yeti from Expedition Everest. The second series was released more recently on March 17. This was titled Urban Series #1. Although filled with some interesting creatures, the Urban series might be a little harder to connect to because of its abstract creations. Following both releases was an artists’ signing over at the Art of Disney store located in Downtown Disney.

Along with the mainstream Vinylmation sets, the artists’ are also releasing Cast Exclusives. The first in the series was a Mickey Mouse which has an old time face with cut out pupils in his eyes, while wearing his colorful wardrobe.

The future of Vinylmation looks prosperous and after meeting with Randy Noble during a Cast Member signing, he said that he has currently designed between 30-40 Vinylmation figures that he plans to run through next year.

The current rumors throughout Walt Disney World about the release of new Vinylmation series include a Park Series #2 coming out in June, Holiday Series #1 in August, and the next Cast Exclusive, a Guest Relations Cast Member, to be released in the Fall.

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