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Modern Day Miracles

Posted by Ashley Rae on July 31, 2009

Herrick's Vegetable Pills

After trying to find out who Herrick was, I stumbled upon an interesting excerpt on Private Proprietary Stamps.


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Chinese Laundry

Posted by Ashley Rae on July 31, 2009

Chinese LaundryAccording to Wikipedia, Chinese Americans were heavily identified with laundry work in the late 19th and 20th century.  It is estimated that around 1900, one out of every four Chinese men worked in the laundry business.  This fact is used in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland as a part of its theming.  In addition, here is an article about the Chinese Laundries in San Diego, California and how they came about.

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Having a Magical Time at Three O’Clock

Posted by Ashley Rae on June 24, 2009

If in the Magic Kingdom at three o’clock, be sure to stop by Main Street USA, Liberty Square, or Frontierland to catch A Dream Come True parade.

Luckily Pinocchio is there to remind you of the time as his float comes through the parade toward the front.

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Vinylmations and Dancing Girls

Posted by Ashley Rae on June 23, 2009

Big Thunder Mountain Vinylmation

This Vinylmation was purchased again as a gift.  This time I spent the extra money for Father’s Day.

This Vinylmation is limited to 400 pieces and was created by Lin Shih.  I could not fully investigate this Big Thunder Mountain Vinylmation because I had to keep up appearances, but on the back of the right ear, there is a Hidden Mickey in the clouds.Big Thunder Mountain VinylmationBid Thunder Mountain Hidden MickeyVinylmation ButtonVinylmation Card

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Colors of the Wind

Posted by Ashley Rae on May 4, 2009

Another addition to my collection of weathervanes is found on top of Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. With the help of Ryan P. Wilson from The Main Street Gazette this small treasure was found as we loaded our log flume.Briar Rabbit Weather Vane

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