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Vinylmation Disney-Pixar Toy Story

Posted by Ashley Rae on September 17, 2010

I often feel guilty about neglected my blog and neglecting my Vinylmation collection.  Truthfully, I am still very interested in the Park Series and the Muppets Series, but it’s often difficult to convince myself to spend the money to purchase a tray to fulfill my completionist attitude.  Finally, a set has come along that I knew would satisfy both my mother and my collection.

I recently purchased the Disney-Pixar Toy Story set that was designed my Disney Design Group’s Thomas Scott.

In order to continue my past habits, I took note of the Vinylmations’ placements and took individual photos of the items.

I hope you enjoy this long forgotten tradition of mine.


Where I Found My Vinylmations in the Tray


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Command Post

Posted by Ashley Rae on June 15, 2009

The Command Post has been assembled thanks to these blueprints for the project. It’s unclear who might have planned the design. Maybe Andy, Woody, or the Army Men themselves.  But this is an awesome little find at the Cast Members Only door.  At first, it seems like a small doodle, but really is a sketched design of Pixar Place.  The placement of Mr. Spell and the Scrabble Board were just a part of the bigger picture.  Thanks to Don McCann for pointing this one out.

Command Post

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More Fun Than A…

Posted by Ashley Rae on June 14, 2009

It seems that Andy’s toys are overflowing into Pixar Place.  With some noticeable favorites, such as Battleship, Scrabble, and Dominoes, sprawled around the area, nothing is more apparent than the decorative Barrel of Monkeys.

According to Retroland, Barrel of Monkeys was created in 1966.  Each barrel is filled with 12 monkeys.  The point of the game is to link the 12 monkeys without breaking the chain.  Eventually Milton Bradley took over the monkey business and continued production of the childhood game.

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The Seas With Nemo & Friends

Posted by Ashley Rae on April 6, 2009

The Living Seas (1986-2006)

The Living Seas (1986-2006)

In 1986, The Living Seas pavilion opened and included a seacab ride through the aquarium, a movie about the development of the Earth and seas, and hydrolators which took you into Sea Base Alpha. Although the ride went through renovations during the years following which included the removal of the seacab attraction, nothing compared to the complete overhaul of The Living Seas in October 2006. A few years prior, Turtle Talk With Crush debuted in The Living Seas, but the refurbishment introduced new Disney-Pixar additions. During the Year of a Million Dreams campaign, The Living Seas was converted to the Seas with Nemo & Friends.

Entrance Since October 2006

Entrance Since October 2006

Part of the old track from the seacab attraction was used for the new “clamobile” ride which now takes you on an adventure to help find Nemo.  Anamatronic facades of noisy seagulls were placed outside and a picture opportunity with Nemo & friends.

Close By Photo Opportunity

Close By Photo Opportunity

Originally the queue for The Living Seas showcased the history of deep sea exploration. Now the wait brings you to the beach as a vacant lifeguard chair greets you before your dive under water with  your fish companions.
Great moments in this ride include the warning signs during your beach excursion.  The sign on the right seems like a regular advertisement, but might be more.  The important aspects of this sign are its address and “To Air is Human”.  1401 Coral Coast Highway could be a reference to 1401 Flower Street in Glendale, CA.  While the mention of “Human” might be put together to hint at Walt Disney Imagineering’s Human Resources Office.  The lifeguard stand on the left might be meant to look like a “SA”.  This might pay homage to The Livings Seas’ Sea Base Alpha.

The Seas With Nemo & Friends (Lifeguard Stand in Queue)

From classic to new, both pavilion themes offer different looks at the under sea life.  This pavilion now has some great attractions, but most important are the educational opportunities inside the tanks.

Sign Within the Queue

Sign Within the Queue

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