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History of the Mickey Mouse Watch: Abridged

Posted by Ashley Rae on June 22, 2009

Mickey WatchIn this image taken off of Hollywood Boulevard is a classic Mickey Mouse watch used as the illuminated street sign to entice Guests inside the shop.

In 1933, the first Mickey Mouse watch was made by Ingersoll Waterbury Clock Co.  During this time, the company’s financial condition was very poor, but they released their Mickey Mouse watch for $3.25 and later for $2.95.  The popularity of the watches brought Ingersoll Waterbury Clock Co. out of their debts.  Production continued through to the 1960s when the company became US Time and later Timex.


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Command Post

Posted by Ashley Rae on June 15, 2009

The Command Post has been assembled thanks to these blueprints for the project. It’s unclear who might have planned the design. Maybe Andy, Woody, or the Army Men themselves.  But this is an awesome little find at the Cast Members Only door.  At first, it seems like a small doodle, but really is a sketched design of Pixar Place.  The placement of Mr. Spell and the Scrabble Board were just a part of the bigger picture.  Thanks to Don McCann for pointing this one out.

Command Post

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More Fun Than A…

Posted by Ashley Rae on June 14, 2009

It seems that Andy’s toys are overflowing into Pixar Place.  With some noticeable favorites, such as Battleship, Scrabble, and Dominoes, sprawled around the area, nothing is more apparent than the decorative Barrel of Monkeys.

According to Retroland, Barrel of Monkeys was created in 1966.  Each barrel is filled with 12 monkeys.  The point of the game is to link the 12 monkeys without breaking the chain.  Eventually Milton Bradley took over the monkey business and continued production of the childhood game.

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