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Opening Night

Posted by Ashley Rae on June 13, 2009

In this series, the posters from It’s Tough to Be a Bug featuring Flik, will be compared to their real-life inspirations.  The first poster is The Dung and I based on The King and IThe King and I had four runs on Broadway in New York, NY.

The Dung and I

The Dung and I

The King and I

The King and I

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An Ant’s Story

Posted by Ashley Rae on April 21, 2009

According to the locals on Discovery Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life is a great symbol of perseverance and courage.

The legend reads that there was once a very lonely ant. There were no other animals around for the ant to interact with so it tried to busy its time with scavenging. One day, the ant found a single seed, and with that seed it began its long journey to Discovery Island.   The ant planted the seed into the ground and the Tree of Life began to bloom. The tree encouraged other animals to migrate to Discovery Island and the ant was no longer alone.

When the ant died, its spirit was the first to be carved into the trunk of the Tree of Life.  As the animals began to pass away, their images also appeared to be carved within the trunk and roots of the tree.  This was meant to thank the ant for his brave journey and the life he brought to Discovery Island.

It is unknown how old the Tree of Life is, but if the story is true, a T-Rex skulls appears within the roots of the tree, making it over 65 million years old.

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