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Sorceress’ Guide to the Magic – Day 7

Posted by Ashley Rae on April 3, 2012

After a full week of wizardry, I successfully leveled up.  What does this mean?  I’m not entirely sure, since I’ve yet to play any levels as an experienced sorceress.

Today we battled, and defeated, Ursula and Jafar .

In theory, I should have finished the level vs. Hades/Chernabog in Fantasyland, but we got re-arranged.

  I battled Jafar and was invited to fight against more villains in… nowhere.  At the end of each round, you are directed to your next location.  Apparently they haven’t created a special screen for the player to return to Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe or the Firehouse once they level up.   I’m sure this issue will be fixed in the futrure.

I went to the Firehouse to get my new level (Medium).

Sadly, there was no fanfare.   I simply told the Cast Member I thought I was advancing, she said “Congratulations” and manually increased my level.  I then got five new cards.  There was no confetti, nor did a band bust through the door playing ‘Hail to The Chief‘.  Unfortunately, all the new cards were doubles.

We got a fairly successful grouping of cards in the morning and only traded twice.  We got Tinkerbelle and Tritan for more common cards from our collection.  Surprisingly, the cards we have multiples of are coveted from other players.

Later that night we took a prilgrimage to Staples and for a total of $10.20 got 30 sheets of clear trading card pages.  Now I have our collection broken into three categories, first full set, second full set, and the tradeable cards.

This adventure happened between 1230-1430 on Thursday and the crowds were by far the least crowded.  In fact, some portals in Fantasyland, which have thus far been the busiest, had no other players in line.  Again everyone seems eager to talk, compare, and trade while waiting in the lines.




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