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Sorceress’ Guide to the Magic – Weekly Spell Casting

Posted by Ashley Rae on April 4, 2012

With Jeremy returning to work and my hours increasing, we have had less time to venture to the Parks this week.  Luckily, with the assistance of friends, our cards collection continues to grow.

We are now two cards short for our collection.  We are still on the lookout for Nib’s Neverland Assault & Simba’s Roar.  I try not to think about the 61+ cards since they are no longer available.

I’ve learned two helpful things over the past few weeks –  First, you can receive cards with just your park pass. (I left my key cards the one day.)  They were willing to give me a new key.

Second –  we ripped apart one of the key cards and found that Confidex is the maker of the tracking system.  According to their Website –

“Confidex is the world’s leading supplier of high-performing contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services to make supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure. Today, we are innovating and exploring with our customers how our solutions can help people and companies to address their problems and challenges by fusing strong combination of RFID tag design competence, RF engineering and customization to manufacturing experience.”

This is how the key cards are tracking game play throughout the park.  I wonder if the “xPass” creation will hold a similar technology.

* Ashley


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