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Hang Six!

Posted by Ashley Rae on April 3, 2009

Lagoona Gator

During a recent trip to Typhoon Lagoon, my friends and I noticed “Hang Six” written on the side of a stand by the wave pool. We searched the area for any evidence of the messages meaning, but wound up leaving the water park without any answers. A few days ago, Jeff was able to find a picture of Typhoon Lagoon’s mascot Lagoona Gator. If you take a look at the alligator’s feet you will count three toes. 3+3=6. Mystery solved.


4 Responses to “Hang Six!”

  1. […] by arfischer on May 16, 2009 Mentioned in a previous post is the Lagoona Gator’s painted hut.  Here is the actual image of the message. "Hang […]

    • Tom Bricker said

      hey, just wondered where you happened to find that Lagoona Gator picture? I am trying to find out anything I can about him, but have not had much luck thus far. Thanks in advance!

      • arfischer said

        Hey. My friend actually messaged it to me. I figure it must have just been an image off of Google or such. I have not heard of anyone being friends with Lagoona Gator since I came down here so I doubt you can find him now.

        What are you searching for?

  2. Tom Bricker said

    Anything, really. There are very few images of the meet and greet character online, and little information about his involvement with Typhoon Lagoon’s backstory. I searched for that image, but could not find it on Google. I did find that he no longer does Meet and Greet appearances.

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